How to Increase Intimacy in Engagement Without Having Sex

When you think of intimacy, especially when you’re so close to marriage, you probably think of sex.

While sexual intimacy will be an important part of your marriage, we would caution you on making it a part of your engagement (more on that in another post).

So, if you’re waiting until your wedding night to have sex, here are a few ways you can increase intimacy that don’t have anything to do with sex.

  1. Read a book together
  2. Workout together at the gym
  3. Talk about your expectations from marriage (see our free guide below)
  4. Take a walk together
  5. Write a letter to each other
  6. Go on an uninterrupted date (leave the phones at home)
  7. Do something new (attend a concert, go rock climbing, etc)
  8. Cook a meal together
  9. Go dancing (we took dance lessons before our wedding!)
  10. Attend pre-marital counseling
  11. Go to church together
  12. Pray with/for one another
  13. Play a board game
  14. Attend a class together (cooking, pottery, painting, etc)
  15. Go on a double date
  16. Go through the 3,000 Things About Me book from Target
  17. Volunteer together
  18. Talk about the future
  19. Go through 50 Questions Every Couple Needs to Answer Before They Get Married

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