A step-by-step plan to build a marriage you love.

Love Your First Year is an online premarital course designed to help engaged couples prepare for marriage.

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The Love Your First Year: Premarital Course is totally self-paced. Jump in!
Here's the thing...

Transitioning from me to we is exciting (and a little bit terrifying).

You can’t wait to start your life together, but also? You have a ton of questions:
  • So many marriages fail. Will we fall out of love, too?
  • If we fight a lot, is our relationship doomed?
  • Is marriage really like a never-ending sleepover with your best friend?
  • What if I don’t get along well with my in-laws?
  • Sex seems super intimidating. What if we’re no good at it?
Those are great questions. Love Your First Year will help you answer them all—and at least 100 more you haven’t thought of yet.
Love Your First Year: Premarital Course helps you address potential pitfalls before you get married, so you’ll feel ready to tackle anything—together.
Access Now ($79)
Course Highlights

Be ready for the other side of “I do.”

Communication & Conflict
God's Plan for Marriage
Sexual & Spiritual Intimacy
**In addition to two hours of video content, Love Your First Year includes a 60-page digital/downloadable workbook packed with conversation starters, checklists, and more.
Engaged couple pulling dinner out of the oven.
Section 1
Marriage Myth-Busting
Unpack (and then bust) the most common marriage myths that make for a rocky first year. Which myths are you falling for?
Engaged couple reading their bible on the couch.
Section 2
Creating a Happy & Healthy Marriage
Understand your roles in God’s plan for marriage, learn to leverage one another’s love languages, and find out the ingredients of a happy relationship.
Couple in the kitchen making breakfast with family.
Section 3
Families & Foundations
Find out how your upbringing influences your ideas about marriage, and set yourself up for success with your in-laws.
Engaged couple holding hands and talking over coffee.
Section 4
Communication & Conflict
Learn healthy communication habits and uncover five common traps to avoid. Then, discover how to fight fair and apologize right.
Engaged couple standing in front of a lake talking about expectations.
Section 5
Uncover your expectation blind-spots, learn what to do if you have different ideas about marriage, and get on the same page.
Couple sitting on the couch talking about finances.
Section 6
Get on the same page when it comes to money priorities and follow practical tips for budgeting, debt reduction, and reaching your money goals.
Engaged couple cuddling on a bed.
Section 7
Sexual & Spiritual Intimacy
Learn what intimacy actually means and get no-nonsense advice about sex: what it is, what it isn’t, what’s OK, and what’s not.
Engaged couple on a dinner date.
The course also includes additional resources like: The Ultimate Guide to Your Wedding Night and Honeymoon (PDF) + 100 Love Language Date Night Ideas (PDF)
Kyler & Britt Nixon SYMBIS Certified Marriage Counselors

Hey! We’re Britt & Kyler.

Before we got married, so many people told us to brace ourselves because our first year would be our worst.

Well? We decided we weren’t going to let that happen.Don’t get us wrong: That first year was tough and we made a ton of mistakes. But because we’d invested so much time on the front-end preparing for our marriage—not just planning a wedding—it was an incredible year.

We loved our first year of marriage. You deserve to love yours, too.

How it works

Love Your First Year gives you a step-by-step plan for confidently navigating your new life together.

Access the course.
Love Your First Year is practical, not theoretical. You get honest, unfiltered, Biblical guidance on how to prepare for your marriage.
Follow the plan.
You can go through the videos and workbook a bit at a time, or you can binge-watch if that’s more your speed.
Love your first year—and beyond.
We’re so confident it’ll help you prepare for your marriage we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Common Questions

Have a question about the course that’s not on this list?
Shoot us an email at hello@loveyourfirstyear.com

Is the course live or on-demand?

The course is completely on-demand. Watch and re-watch at your own pace on your own time on any device.

What's included in the course price?

You get lifetime access to the course content (all seven sections in video format) and the 60+ page workbook. In addition, you’ll get two bonus resources: 100 Love Language Date Night Ideas and The Ultimate Guide to Your Wedding Night and Honeymoon.

We're in a long-distance relationship. Will this work for us?

Absolutely! The lack of premarital resources for long-distance couples was a big reason we created Love Your First Year. Both you and your fiancé will have individual logins so you can watch each module and jump on a FaceTime or Zoom call to discuss.

Do we need to be Christians to take the course?

While you’re totally welcome to take the course if you’re not a Christian, every section takes a faith-based and biblical approach to marriage. If you’re not a Christian, you may disagree with some of the information we share.

Do we have to be engaged to take the course?

Although you can take the course if you’re seriously dating, we recommend waiting until you’re engaged.

What if we're already married? Will this course help?

Definitely. You’ll get help working through unmet expectations, learn how to communicate better, and discover how to get on the same page about things that might be tripping you up.

Do we have to watch the videos in order?

We recommend it because every section builds on the section before. It really is a step-by-step plan to preparing for marriage!

Do we both have access to the course?

Yes! Upon purchase, you’ll get a one-time code you can share with your fiancé to give them free access to the course. You’ll both have your own login info and can watch the course separately or together. You’ll definitely want to have lots of conversations about what learn!

How long is the course?

The total run-time of the course is just under 2 hours. We’ve divided the content into bite-size pieces (5-10 minutes long) so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule.

Do we have to watch the videos in order?

We recommend it because every section builds on the section before. It really is a step-by-step plan to preparing for marriage!

I can get free premarital counseling through my church. Why should I buy this course?

Love Your First Year is a perfect supplement to traditional premarital counseling. However, in this course you’ll get practical guidance, step-by-step tools, and resources you can use today.

How long will we get access to the content?

Forever! You can take it while you’re engaged and then come back and rewatch it once you’re married.

I want to do the course, but my fiancé doesn't think it's important. Help?

We’ve got you! Here’s a script to help you explain how Love Your First Year will benefit you both. It may also help to let them know about our 30-day money-back guarantee.

You look our age. Can we trust you?

We’re young, but we’ve been married for five years. Also, we’re trusted by 1000s of couples, we recently spoke at an online premarital conference hosted by The Engaged Event (alongside speakers like Craig Groeschel, Beth McCord, and more), we’re SYMBIS Certified Marriage Facilitators, and we’ve done thousands of hours of research (so you don’t have to).

But if you’d rather ask your parents for advice about sex… be our guest.

Search for topics like sexual boundaries, budgeting, conflict, or anything else you're looking for.