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Couple holding each other on the couch.Couple holding each other on the couch.
Kyler & Britt Nixon, founders of Love Your First Year; SYMBIS Certified Counselors

"Your first year of marriage will be your worst."

Have you heard this before? Same. It's been accepted as fact and something couples just have to deal with. Not in our book. We're here to help you love your first year and beyond.

Practical Resources for Dating, Engaged, and Newly Married Couples

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Premarital Course
Transitioning from me to we is exciting (and a little bit terrifying). You can’t wait to start your life together, but also? You have a ton of questions. Our Premarital Course will help you answer them all—and at least 100 more you haven’t thought of yet.
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Free Downloads
Marital roles, expectations, living together and more—we’ve created several key, free resources that will help you jumpstart your new life together. These resources can be downloaded, printed, and worked through at your own pace.
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If reading a quick blog is more your speed, we’ve got you covered. With over 60 blogs in seven categories, you’re sure to find helpful solutions to common marriage (and engaged) challenges from communication to intimacy and more.
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