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Hey! We're Britt & Kyler

Before we got married, so many people told us to brace ourselves because our first year would be our worst.

Well? We decided we weren’t going to let that happen.

Don’t get us wrong: That first year was tough and we made a ton of mistakes. But because we’d invested so much time on the front-end preparing for our marriage—not just planning a wedding—it was an incredible year.

We loved our first year of marriage. You deserve to love yours, too.
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Britt + Kyler Nixon
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Welcome to a community of couples who are serious about building a Jesus-centered marriage.

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God designed marriage and has given us an instruction manual for how to have a great one–the Bible. All of our content and resources are centered around scripture.
We're not marriage therapists. We're here to give you the practical, down-and-dirty, real talk about what actually happens in marriage so you can be prepared.
We aim to provide a unique blend of our own experience (practical) with what research says about dating, engagement, and marriage.

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