Date Ideas for Each Love Language

One of the easiest ways to love your partner is to speak their love language.

We’ll keep it nice and simple… below are date ideas for each of the five love languages (overview below)

Quality Time

Those with the quality time love language feel loved by your attention and your time.

Physical Touch

Those with the physical touch love language feel loved by non-sexual physical affection.

  • Movie night with cuddles
  • Hold hands on a walk
  • Go dancing or take a dance class together

Acts of Service

Those with the acts of service love language feel loved when you serve them.

  • Plan a surprise date
  • Make them a nice dinner
  • Do a DIY project together

Words of affirmation

Those with the words of affirmation love language feel loved when you tell them nice things or express your love.

  • Write a sweet note and read it to them over dinner
  • Love song karaoke night
  • Give 50 compliments


Those with the gifts love language feel loved when you bring them gifts.

  • Go get them their favorite snack/drink
  • Go buy something for your future home
  • Paint each other a picture
Looking for more ideas? Our online premarital course has a bonus resource of 100 love language dates.
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