Fun & Unique Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

Keep things exciting with these unique date ideas for engaged couples.

Dating doesn't have to stop just because you get engaged! (In fact, that's probably when you should date more.) Sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with new and fun date ideas, so we've put together a list of ideas for you and your fiancé.

Fill Up a Time Capsule

A time capsule is a great way to memorialize your relationship before marriage. It'll help you and your future spouse work together, look back on your relationship, and prepare for the future together. You'll have to make decisions as a team as you fill your capsule with items you'll look at later.Here are a few ideas for your capsule:

  • Your favorite book or movie
  • Handwritten notes to your future selves
  • A wedding invite or save the date
  • A special memento

Have a Water Gun Fight

Nothing says, "I love you and can't wait to marry you" like blasting your partner in the face with a water gun. This date will help you see a new and fun side of each other and bring out a little competition. Plus, it's cheap! You can get water guns for under $15 online or at a local dollar store.

Want an extra challenge? Add food coloring to the water and wear white clothes to see where you've been hit.

Bake Bread Together

Making bread is a labor of love–just like a marriage. It takes time, patience, and some elbow grease to make the perfect recipe. Plus, it smells great and you can enjoy it after! This bread kit from Amazon will give you everything you need for a fun date night.

Toast S'mores Indoors

We love a good s'more. But we can't always have a fire to toast them over. Make indoor s'mores on your stove, in the oven, on a s'mores maker, or even in the microwave! Get creative and try new combinations of graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate, and other toppings (we love peanut butter). See who can come up with the most creative s'more.

Make Friendship Bracelets

When we went on vacation to Florida, we picked up a couple of friendship bracelets (they're cool, okay??). You can actually make these bracelets at home. Make one for each other, make them match, let your imagination run wild. These will be a fun reminder of your upcoming union together.

Plaster Your Hands

Have you ever seen those plaster "statues" of people holding hands? Yeah, that's what we're talking about (we know it's a little cheesy!). You'll get to hold hands with your partner while the mold sets and you can talk about marriage and ask each other questions. Easy, right? Here's a plaster kit from Amazon.

Have a Remote-Controlled Car Derby

Turn your living room into the Grand Prix and race each other around the "course" with remote-controlled cars. It'll be a blast to setup and give you both a chance to earn bragging rights. Up the ante by having the loser make dinner.

Alternative way to play: play cops and robbers. Your fiancé is the robber and you have to chase them around with the cop car. If you catch them, they owe you a kiss. Flip it around and now you're the robber.

Ask Each Other 50 Questions

While we were engaged, we asked each other tons of questions about our marriage and the future. We often did this while we were hanging out, at dinner, etc. This helped us get on the same page and also laugh at each other's answers. Here is a list of 50 questions every couple needs to answer before they get married.

Have a Backyard Movie Night

Who needs a drive-in-movie when you can have a walk-to-your-backyard-and-sit-down-movie? Grab a mini projector, a starry night, and your favorite movie while you and your snuggle buddy watch a movie outside.

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