Going to Church While You’re Engaged

When we were engaged, one of the weirdest parts was going to church, more specifically, trying to get involved.

The actual “attendance” was fine. I mean, it’s not that hard to get in the car, go to church, and leave.

The weirdest part was trying to find our place as an engaged couple. We didn’t feel like we belonged at the Young Adults gatherings... nearly everyone there was single. And we couldn’t join a marriage small group... obviously, because we weren’t yet married.

Aside from Sunday service, where did we belong? Maybe you and your fiancé are feeling the same way.

If so, we don’t really have much advice for you. Sorry. We never quite figured it out, and then eventually, we ended up getting married and it was easy to join groups and attend events.

You’ll get there, too. And until then, hang in there. You are a valuable member of the Church. This season of engagement is like nothing else. You’ll never experience it again in your life. Use it to grow in your faith, to challenge your fiancé, grow closer to God, and to prepare your heart for marriage.

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