10 Random Things You Need on Your Wedding Registry

For some light reading, we'll share 10 random things you need on your wedding registry.

When Kyler and I went shopping for our registry, he pulled aside an elderly lady and asked her, “What is one thing we absolutely need on our wedding registry that we can’t live without?” Without hesitation, she responded, “A salad spinner.” At the time, we just giggled and moved along. Well, it never made it to the registry. Let’s just say after several years of eating wet, soggy salad, we now have a salad spinner.

1. Salad spinner

Yup, listen to that elderly lady.

2. Board games

This was one of our favorite things we put on our registry! Even without a couch, table, or anything else, you can still play board games. We have played every game we registered for, and adding more as we go on has made hosting friends and family a lot of fun.

3. Suitcases

If you’re anything like us, you probably throw some things in a backpack or duffel bag and call it a day. Or maybe you have an old suitcase with one wheel that you still drag across the airport. Having a nice, sturdy suitcase that will last you many years is a great investment, making it a great thing to ask for on your registry.

4. Vacuum

Getting a good, solid vacuum is a total game-changer. We use ours on both our carpet and our hardwood floors, making sweeping a rarity in our house. A vacuum that isn’t bulky and actually picks up the dirt on the floor isn’t cheap, making it a good candidate for your wedding registry.

5. Trash can

This is one that a lot of people forget, so here’s your reminder: You’ll probably need a trash can for your bathroom, your kitchen, and well, wherever else you like to throw away trash.

6. Pasta strainer

We use our strainer all the time because there are so many things you need it for! Fruit, meat, pasta, you name it. There are many strainers out there, but choose the one that is right for you. We like our silicone strainer because it can be stored in small spaces.

7. Meat chopper

This one is another personal favorite. When we registered for it, Kyler had no idea these even existed. Well, if you haven’t heard of this, check it out here. It will change your life, and definitely belongs on the registry.

8. Seasoning starter kit

After we got married, we moved across the country, so we started completely over. Having a bundle of everyday seasoning is a great way to kick off your new life as a married couple. You can register for one of these on Amazon, or places like Bed Bath and Beyond if you have one near you.

9. Movies tickets/Netflix subscription

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? One thing Ky and I decided over the years we’ve been married, is how much we value experiences. We were both gifted a MoviePass (before it went totally bankrupt) and it was such a cool gift. We could go out to the movies whenever we wanted for free. But date nights don’t have to involve going out. You can also have a movie night in with a Netflix subscription or an Apple gift card to load some movies on your own TV.

10. Honeymoon/date night fund

This is one we didn’t have on our list, but definitely wish we would’ve. It’s a great way to intentionally prepare for that honeymoon without breaking the bank. Registry services like Zola offer funds for creative dates all the way from yoga classes to cooking lessons to a puppy (yes, I said puppy) fund.

I hope these ideas helped you think of some things that you may have missed on your registry. Remember, this is such a cool season in your life and your registry can look however you want it to look. Be creative! Anything we’re missing? Send us a DM!

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